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If you need to serve documents on the Traveller community, or any other situation which may prove volatile, we have all the experience you need to ensure that your documents are served correctly and with minimal disruption.

Important Information


Over the years, we have been called upon to serve documents in high risk areas, and have been involved in joint Police / Court efforts to serve on Traveller encampments.

These situations can quickly escalate if not handled correctly, and injury and physical harm are a possibility.

We liaise with the Local Authority and Police on all serves of this nature as encampments and the activity surrounding them can increase and decrease daily and it is prudent to know the best time to attempt service. We have an excellent working relationship with many of the Police Services in the UK.

Due to the nature of these serves, there are often periods of up to two hours waiting time for Officers to become available, and two Process Servers are engaged.

If you require non specialist UK Process Servers, visit our page here.

If you require international process serving, please see our page here.


Important Information

When instructing us, please send TWO copies of the documents to be served as we will require the original for service and a copy to exhibit to our Statement or Affidavit.

Should you suspect that the person to be served may exhibit signs of hostility and/or violence towards our Process Servers, please include a warning in your instruction. This ensures that we can take adequate measures to ensure the safety of our staff.

To discuss how we can assist you, please contact us:

0757 260 4580

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The nearest station is Chelmsford (a fifteen minute walk or 5 minutes by taxi), whilst the motorist will enjoy easy access to the A12 for routes towards London and the M25 / M11, Stansted Airport and the A130 for routes to London, Chelmsford and Colchester.

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