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UK Trace Enquiries

We offer three levels of trace, including a no trace no fee option. Our basic level trace enquiries have a money back guarantee, making our trace services a risk free proposition. This is probably why we are used by many of the Top 100 UK Law Firms and Insurers as their Investigations Company of choice.

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At Portland Litigation Support, we have a dedicated trace team to locate both people an companies that have 'gone away' for whatever reason. Whether you need to locate a witness, third party or even a policyholder, we have the level of service you require, without financial risk.

We offer three levels of trace enquiry, ranging from our basic trace which is conducted as no trace no fee and takes as little as 12 hours to complete; our intermediate trace, which relies on an enhanced set of databases and telephone enquiries and takes as little as 48 hours to complete, through to our advanced trace enquiry, which uses the above two methods, plus in field enquiries.

In all instances, we use both historical and real time databases, and we confirm residency where possible.

We also provide a money back guarantee for our basic level trace and are proud to say that after thousands of successful traces, we have never had to refund a single Client, as our information is always accurate.

We currently have over 567 databases at our disposal, making Portland Litigation Support the trace agents of choice.

In all instances, we recommend that our Clients start with the Basic Search as this is successful in many instances, and truly risk free.

We are able to conduct volume trace enquiries should our Clients require.


Important Information

All trace enquiries are conducted in compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998. As such, it is necessary for us to know the reason for requesting the trace, and this should be included in the instruction. Should you not inform us of the reason, we will be unable to continue with the trace for you.

To discuss how we can assist you, please contact us:

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