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Statement Taking

At Portland, we have carefully selected staff with a variety of backgrounds in the Insurance Industry so that our Statements deliver exactly the information you need to get to the facts of any insurance claim.

Important Information


At Portland Litigation Support, we know that having a background in Statement Taking just is not enough.

A Police Officer for example, is trained to take Statements in a different way and to look for different evidence than a person who has been involved in an insurance claims environment.

We make sure that you have the best person for the job so that the evidence you get will present the facts in the best possible way with nothing of importance being missed.

Whether we are taking the Statement for liability, damages, witness evidence, theft, or potential fraud, our Statements truly make a difference to your case.

Getting to the facts is not about the questions being asked, but the way in which they are asked to get the most out of the response.

As well as contemporaneous hand written signed statement, you will also receive a typed transcript of same.


Important Information

Please supply as much detail in connection with the incident for which a Statement is required so that we may ask the right questions to obtain the best evidence.

To discuss how we can assist you, please contact us:

0757 260 4580

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