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Staged and Contrived Accidents

At Portland, we have specialist investigators who have years of experience in investigating staged and contrived accidents. Whether you suspect or have evidence of a staged accident, we can take the investigation forward to a satisfactory conclusion.

Important Information


Staged and Contrived accidents are a matter of fact. It is however, impossible to gauge the level at which an insurer is being hit because many go undetected.

If you suspect that a claim may be staged or contrived, please contact us as soon as possible so that we may make our initial investigation within the time scales laid down.

At Portland Litigation Support, we have years of experience and have developed our own systems for checking whether a claim is likely to be staged or contrived, based on all the information collected.

It is important that see see the entire claims file, as well as the original policy application.

We also need access to the brokers, if any, and they should be informed of our involvement.

Our initial checks will involve an interview with the Policyholder and Driver of the vehicle, plus investigations of the scene, witnesses and informal talks with any attending Police Officers, as well as some other closely guarded methods that we have developed over the years.

Where fraud is suspected, we will take all statements in accordance with Section 9 of the Criminal Justice Act 1967.

The main problem with Staged and Contrived accidents is that successful claims are usually talked about within the active fraud community and this can make your company a target for further staged claims, and the method employed to get the claim successfully dealt with.


Important Information

Initial checks include a maximum of two liability Statements. Should the matter require further investigation, we will contact you with a fixed budget and details of what we will achieve within that figure.

At the outset of the instruction, please inform us whether it is your intention to take this to a prosecution, or whether the main objective will be to obtain a withdrawal statement and void the policy ab initio.

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