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We introduced CAD Locus Reporting long before many of our Competitors, and regularly produce high standard drawings which make a difference to your case. Why use poorly drawn hand sketched reports when you can produce a high quality Locus Report to support your defence or subrogation claim?

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A locus report is a visual record of a scene, and so at Portland Litigation Support, we cannot understand why so many Insurers still rely on badly skewed poorly drawn reports in their cases.

Having staff with backgrounds in Insurance Claims enviroments, opened our eyes to the fact that the evidence, presented properly and professionally, will be given more credence, and is less likely to be opposed if it is a record of fact.

Hand drawn sketches are never a true record. A correctly drawn and presented CAD plan of the locus is and can make the difference to providing the best set of facts to determine how exactly an accident may have occured.

If the road layout has changed since the accident occurred, we are often able to construct and produce evidential locus CAD plans of the scene as it would have been at the time of the accident.

Our plans are drawn at a scale of 1:1 and the reduced to fit the paper medium.

In doing so we can be sure that if laid over a road for instance, even road markings will be accurately placed.

We strive for a higher standard, and have professional CAD engineers to ensure that our work is faultless.

If this incident it recent, please see important information below


Important Information

If your case relates to a serious road traffic collision, please consider instructing us immediately.

It is often the case that on serious incidents, Police Road Policing Investigators will have been at the scene, and we can not only effectively liaise with them as they will have been at the scene whilst the vehicles were in situ, but many of their own investigative marks will be left on the road for us to reference effectively.

The paint used by the Police Service disintegrates quickly so that no trace is left, and understanding the scene is made that much easier if attendance is very soon after the event.

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