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Beneficiary Tracing

At Portland Litigation Support we use our skill as trace agents to locate beneficiaries to Insurance Policies. We have access to over 567 databases to discover, locate and contact potential beneficiaries.

Important Information


Portland Litigation Support have conducted numerous beneficiary traces and have been granted an exemption under the 50 year rule.

This rule usually stops firms and individuals from applying for a birth certificate issued within the past 50 years, the rule being imposed to, amongst other things, prevent fraud and identity theft. As an exempted firm, we are able to obtain certified copy certificates issued within the last 50 years.

Additionally, we have in-house access to every birth, marriage and death record in England and Wales indexed since 1836.

As skilled trace agents, once a potential beneficiary is located on paper, we use our knowledge and real time databases to track down the person to a physical location.

We consistently locate beneficiaries quickly and promptly on behalf of our Clients.


Important Information

When instructing us, or requesting a quote, it is important that we are given as much information as possible regarding the policy, such as when and where it was issued, and if possible, a copy of the original application forms, or policy notes can be invaluable.

We undertake all traces in compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

The more information we get at the outset, the less money the investigation will cost.

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