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Means Statement (Creditor Enquiries)

Since the global economic meltdown, our Clients have to use the most effective methods to recover their money. We can help you make the most informed economical decision.

Important Information


Simply issuing proceedings in respect of a debt is no longer an option to guarantee a recovery. At Portland Litigation Support, we have worked with our Banking and Financial Institution Clients to come up with a better route.

We will visit your Debtor and speak with them regarding their true financial situation, taking a full, comprehensive and detailed Statement.

We generally make our visits unannounced so that we can take note of any obvious assets such as vehicles attributed to the property, which may be removed from the immediate area where an appointed visit is made, as Debtors attempt to hide their assets.

We act with utmost professionalism during the interviews letting the Debtor know that if they cooperate with us, they may be able to avoid further action subject to their circumstances.

We find that many Debtors appreciate this level of assistance, and in many cases, because you are trying to work with them, they will prioritise your debt over others who are not assisting them.

We take full details of their finances, including employment, both full and part time, and ask the position of assets, such as whether they own or lease any major items and whether they have any interest in any other property.

At the same time, we also take note of any obvious financial impecuniosity.

If proceedings do become neccessary, you can show the Court exactly what the Debtor can and cannot afford to repay, and in what instalments.

Most people fall into debt because of a change in circumstances and the details we obtain at interview stage are up to date and can assist with recovery efforts such as attachment of earnings applications.


Important Information

When instructing us, please send full details of the debt and where possible any original application forms that the Debtor completed, and any contact details that you have for them.

In instances where you are sending payment at the time of instruction to benefit from the large discount on our fees, please ensure that Cheques are payable to 'Portland Litigation Support Limited', or alternatively, please contact us to request details to allow for BACS payments to be made. A receipted invoice will be returned with the Statement upon completion.

To discuss how we can assist you, please contact us:

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